What is SEO? Types of SEO, Keywords and its Importance


What is SEO?– (Search Engine Optimization)

When you hunt for one thing written on Google, then you’ll be able to see completely different sites in search results. for instance, if you search Google by typewriting in health tips then initial you may get onlymyhealth.com site. however will this website come back to Google’s initial page? It may be perfectly worth doing because of the right application of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This work may be a very little simple to know. it’s several techniques.
So you’ll be able to perceive that SEO is that the website’s this implies that if you would like to try to to SEO, you would like a web site, if you would like to find out SEO for freelancing, you’ll be able to do SEO on your client’s website. during this case you are doing not want any web site. however to apply the work you’ll be able to open a free web log from blogger.com and work with it.
-The main purpose of our course is to find out SEO and work odesk and freelancer.

SEO is essentially divided into 2 components. Namely:

1. ON Page Improvement

2. OFF Page Improvement

Check out the video with this course for a lot of details.
However, before starting onpage optimization and off page optimization, you have to do some work for your site. For example, you have to select the correct keyword for your site. Then you have to tune your site with that keyword. Then when you have a minimum of 20-25 quality tunes on your site, then you might think of SEO on your site.

Keyword Key and its importance

In general, the keyword is that the words that are written by somebody World Health Organization offers Google a pursuit. for instance, once you want facilitate together with your health, you move to Google and undergo the health tips and search the words here.
That means if you want to bring your site to Google then you have to select specific keywords for your site. This is very important work.

Some tools and tips for selecting keywords for the site !

If you would like to make a website then you need to initial decide whether or not you would like to make your site on any topic. every website is made with this purpose in order that it will fetch heaps of holiday makers daily from Google. And for this reason your site’s keyword choice is extraordinarily vital. currently you’ve got to decide on a keyword for your site? initial of all, you’ve got to search out a subject that has been searched by Google on a daily basis, however the amount of websites associated with it’s terribly low. As a result, you’ll be able to simply bring your website to Google’s initial page.
To do this, introduce you to a pleasant toolbar. Its name is google adword tool bar. With the assistance of this tool, if you kind the name of any topic, Google can show you the way persistently Google searches monthly, what percentage sites ar associated with this subject, what proportion effort you’ve got to form to influence them etc. To enter the toolbar, initial search the keyword google, then click on the result that you may see initial. Then login together with your google id, then enter a subject at the box, then enter a captcha, for the primary time can solely provide captcha when not take longer. Enter enter. currently see magic. realize keywords like your mind.
Choosing a keyword is that the most vital step within the choice of any website. once you take the work from your vendee, you need to initial check what the keyword is, then solely begin the work.

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