SEO Tricks For Rank Website On Google Top

SEO (Search engine optimization) Tricks For Rank Website On Google Top: 

When we discuss a website rank or traffic Then we come to mind a lot of ideas about how to rank your website Google’s top.
Today I will share the top SEO tricks to rank your website on google top search.

SEO 4 Tricks For Rank Website

  1. Long Tail Keywords
  2. Keywords In Title
  3. Keywords In Description
  4. LSI Keywords In Article

1. Use Long Tail Keywords

In this time single & two-words keywords are very difficult for rank. Many websites and blogs targeting single or two-words keywords for his website.
For example On-page SEO
Look at search results “On-page SEO” The Keyword has taken by top-ranked websites like,, so this keyword is very difficult for rank.
I think it is not possible for newcomers.
If you want to write an article for about “On-page SEO” it is not possible or very hard for you.
But don’t worry!
In this case, you should use long tail keywords for the better rank.
Now one question on your mind How to find long tail keywords?
It’s very easy to find long tail keywords
go to google and search for any keywords for example
“off-page SEO”
Now add a space after off-page SEO
Like this..


Look there are showing some 3/4/5 words keywords.this is called the long tail keywords.
You can find long tail keywords in this way. It’s pretty cool
You can also use some online software like the long tail pro

2. Use Keywords In Title

This is a very important subject of SEO. I Recommend using your keywords in starting at the title
For example, your keyword is “Best WordPress SEO Tips” Use this keyword like this “Best WordPress SEO Tips & Techniques to Boost Rankings
If Possible Include Numbers In Your Title Like “10 Best WordPress SEO Tips & Techniques to Boost Rankings”
Give a lucrative title so that visitors visit your post. This will help you get Rank Your Website on Google.

3. Use Keywords In Description

One of the most On-Page SEO techniques is using keywords in the description.
When you search on google for anything Google shows you the best result in the top result.
look at the screenshot. The keyword is apple juice and the website owner has used his keyword in the description.
For better result use related keywords in title and description


It helps you get more impressions and high CTR(Click Through Rate).
Give a lucrative description so that visitors visit your post.

4. Use LSI Keywords In Your Article

LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are basically keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword. Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT just a synonym or keywords that are similar in meaning.

This is just an SEO term for related, similar or synonyms words. Before this term has come into the picture the only thing to determine the relevancy of the article was keyword density.

Which means if your post is about “ABC” and you have used it 10 times throughout the article than your competitor needs to use it 11 times to beat your position in Google search, but let me ask you, is it fair??

The same Thing applies to a search engine, instead of taking high keyword density into consideration, the search engine bot looks for related keywords (Latent semantic indexing keywords) throughout the article.

It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t maintain keyword density for target keyword in our article, but over optimization can cause issues. I usually keep it between 1- 3 %.



Search engines like Google are always looking for a relevant most content for a particular search query.

It’s really a tough task for a search engine to determine what the content is all about, it uses LSI terms to judge the relevancy of an article or a webpage. For our understanding, I can say that using them increases the ranking in search engine.

Here is the second example of LSI keywords:



Google sees search engine optimization as SEO, then you should use the keywords interchangeably.

Not only does this make your content nicer to read, instead of using the same keyword over and over again, it also helps Google understand your website better.

But that’s not all.

LSI keywords are also an excellent way to find relevant things to write about.

Maybe you’re writing some content for your website on a particular keyword but are out of ideas.

No problem! Simply research some LSI keywords, and it will give you an idea of related topics, phrases, and keywords you can include.

Not only does this help reduce your researching time, but it also makes your content more power, more interesting and more appealing to Google.

That’s It “4 SEO Tricks For Rank Website” If you do all of the techniques you will get rank on google first this work all of your articles every time .Wait few days for results don’t worry it takes time.

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