How to Get More Likes and comments on Facebook?


The way you want to get more likes and comments on Facebook, there is less than everyone else who wants to have Facebook on Facebook.
Because when you post a post on Facebook, if you like more like this, it works very well inside yourself,
If you can give status on Facebook by following the rules, hopefully you will get much more likes and comments on Facebook than ever before.

Add Friend

Where will you find a friend?
Find the Facebook Celebrity,
such as: Mushfiqur Rahim, Shakib Al Hasan, Tahsan, etc.
Because there are about 10 million likes on their flag page. Add them to the status posted in Just Now, they have commented Lucky.
You can see that they are very active and you are commenting on your status.

Status at a specific time

Weekday, ie Friday and Saturday bar, between 4pm and 8pm Status Status. Because at this time people spend their leisure time on Facebook, and this time it is in Safai Relax Mood. So uploading images at this time more likes are available.

Upload photos

more likes & comments on Facebook: In a Facebook survey ,50% more likes come in the picture rather than any text status. So give status to the picture. This will increase the number of fans and get more likes.

Good quality photo uploads

Upload photos with a good camera and upload them. You will see that the quality of the picture is not low. For him, you can enable Upload Photos In HD options from the Facebook app settings. Because this application will upload your photo in HD mode to the Facebook app.
The picture must be very clearer and use a good photo editor for it.

Like most post comments like on others

If you comment more like others on the post, Facebook’s robots will send your posts more,often to their time line, for which you will get more likes comments. It’s an incomplete way to get more likes on Facebook

Enter status in nice language

When giving a status, it is necessary to write beautiful words and correct spellings. And
write something that your bandages love, so sometimes you can give emotions and sometimes laugh status.
Do not write anything in a poor type, like someone with your statuses, you can not understand that there is a lack of smartness inside you.

Avoid Copy Paste

Worst habit is one of the other status of the copy’s name calano, so the copy is not automatically think about anything, you will see a lot of things in your mind is, itself invented, and other writings copy of the likes of the no joy there, he’s knows what Write in many beautiful languages, but if you like it, there is joy and respect inside it.
And if you copy the text of others, your thoughts are created against you in your friends and whose impact is on the comments.
So make some inventions yourself, this will show you the knowledge of your knowledge. and get much more likes and comments on Facebook.

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