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WordPress Free Website – Basically, in order to make your own WordPress website, you will need a domain and a web host. A domain name is that people type in address bar and get to your website. It’s your website’s address on the internet. On the other site, web hosting is where your website lives. It’s your website’s house on the internet.
A domain name typically costs $14.99 / year, while web hosting normally costs $7.99 / month. Here I am gonna to show you how to create simple website using Free Service. service provide you a sub-domain name. like this:

Getting Started with

The first thing you need to do is create an account with WordPress. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. All you really need is an email address, and you are ready to go.
First of all you go to the home page and click on the “Get Started” button.
let's get started
Here you can set up your free account and choose a name for your website. Just you follow some step and create completely free WordPress website within a minute.
Step 1: Fill answer below questions so we can help you make the site you need and click on the “continue” button for next window.

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Step 2: Enter a name or keyword which you want as a Domain name.

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If you don’t want to Sub-Domain name for your website then paid plan “Select” ,  otherwise Free “Select” and go to next window.
Step 3: If you want to any Premium Plan for website hosting then select plan as you needed otherwise scroll down and hit click on the “Start with free”
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Step 4: Now enter email and password for WordPress Login. and hit click on the continue button.

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Step 5: You will be sent an email with a link that activates your WordPress account. Now you are ready to build your page. you will automatically be brought to your Dashboard.

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On the left-hand side of your Dashboard, This is the place where you create new web pages, choose themes, add new features, and do everything else you need to build and maintain your website pages. there are also a set of buttons you use to create your settings, make changes, and add new elements to your website.

Choose Free WordPress Theme

If you want to change default theme of WordPress, then you can follow step.
Step 1: Go to the WordPress Dashboard and click on the theme button on the left-hand side of Dashboard.
Step 2: choose any one themes which you want and click on the “Bubble Button”.
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Step 3: Now hit click on the “Activate” Button.How To Create a Free WordPress Website image 6
Step 4: After Activate theme you can also customize theme, just simple click on the customize button on your Dashboard.

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Creating Your First Web Page

To build your first new web page on WordPress,
Step 1: Click on the “Posts” button on your Dashboard.
Step 2: And then click on “Add New.” This automatically generates a new page.

There’s a space for the headline or title and a box under write for your content.
You will also use here various functions of WordPress, including using different typefaces, adding links, bullet points, adding images and other media.
WordPress will automatically save drafts as you build your web page, Or you can click on the “Save Draft” button.
If you want to see what your page will look like to visitors, click on the “Preview” button at any time.
When you are happy with the final version of your web page, click on the “Publish” button, and your web page will instantly be posted to your website.
You can edit or modify your web pages anytime when you want.


Please be reminded that free domain and web host usually are not as good as premium and reliable web hosting offers. It is basically used for testing and showcasing simple web pages only.

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