6 Best Data Recovery Apps for Android Devices

Sometimes we accidentally delete our favorite pictures, videos,contacts, messages, notes, important documents,as well as other valuable data from our Android smartphone without any available backups.
But Don’t Worry, there are several Android data recovery apps available on Google Play Store ,where you can recover some your lost files without root permission. Android data recovery apps without root permission could help you to recover your lost files to an extent.
There are many file recovery apps for Android on Google Play but choosing the best for yourself is tough. We made this list of data recovery app for you by doing deep research on every feature and user experience.

1. DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery
• DiskDigger can undelete and recover lost photos and images from your memory card or internal memory.
• No rooting necessary!* Whether you accidentally deleted a photo, or even reformatted your memory card, DiskDigger’s powerful data recovery features can find your lost pictures and let you restore them.
• You can upload your recovered files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them via email. The app also allows you to save the files to a different local folder on your device.
• If your device is not rooted, the app will perform a “limited” scan for your deleted photos by searching your cache and thumbnails.
• If your device is rooted, the app will search all of your device’s memory for any trace of photos, as well as videos!
For complete instructions: http://diskdigger.org/android
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2. Dumpster: Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files

Dumpster: Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files
• With over 20 million downloads, Dumpster is the #1 recycling bin for Android! It’s the quick, easy way to recover and restore your video and picture files.
• you can undelete your media files, apps and other files in seconds. With flexible cloud storage and added security features, your files are always safe with Dumpster!

Dumpster – Highlights Features

  • Effortlessly backup your Android apps, media files & more
  • Instantly retrieve important files, photos, images and videos
  • Restore accidentally deleted pictures
  • It’s free!
  • Auto clean option available
  • Support for 14 languages
  • No internet connection required
  • No need to root your device 
  • Cloud storage*
  • Lock screen capabilities*
  • Custom themes & designs*

Check out Dumpster’s FAQ section: https://dumpster.zendesk.com/hc
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3. Recovery all photo deleted

Recovery all photo deleted
you want to recovery all photo and recover photo and recover images and recover all files deleted you have to Use this application “Recovery All photo deleted”
The Recovery All photo deleted will help to restore all deleted photos and video, Recover your deleted photos and video now with this simple android app free!

—-Features App—-

  • Easy to use and free
  • Recover deleted images
  • Saving and restoring photos
  • Best software for recovering images and files.
  • Super Data Recovery and Images !
  • Do not need to know !
  • Does not require a PC !
  • you can restore or recover images from the smartphone or memory card.

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4. dr.fone – Recovery & Transfer Wirelessly & Backup

dr.fone - Recovery & Transfer Wirelessly & Backup
• dr.fone – the world’s No.1 Data Recovery Software for Smartphones and Tablets! It’s Recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, and more.

The Main Function of dr.fone

No rooting necessary-:

  • Support recover photos and videos from cache, thumbnails, memory card and internal memory

Rooting necessary!

  • Support scan and recover from all of your device’s internal and external memory.
  • Supported photo formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF,TIFF.
  • Supported video formats: MP4 (Taken by Camera) , 3GP, MOV, AVI, MPG, WMV, ASF, FLV, RM/RMVB, M4V, 3G2, SWF. 
  • Support save the recovered contacts as .csv file

Deep Recovery!
• Need to work with dr.fone desktop version for Deep Recovery of loss data!

  • Deep Recovery supports more data loss scenarios, like accidentally deleted data/ rooting errors / OS update / system crash, .etc.
  • Support recover photos, videos, contacts, messaging, call logs, Audio, document, WhatsApp messages & Attachment .

 Official Site : https://drfone.wondershare.com 
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5. GT Trash – RecycleBin,Undelete

GT Trash - RecycleBin,Undelete
GT Trash is a good tool for smart phones with Android system to recover accidentally deleted data quickly, completely eliminating the need to constantly backup your data.
GT Trash works just like the recycle bin on your mac, linux or windows desktop computer. Besides, data recovery is provided to recover data which are deleted before trash installed.

—-Features Apps—-

  • Save deleted files in the trash, you can recover them anytime you want.
  • Data recovery is provided to recover deleted images, videos, audio, documents, SMS, contacts and more even through they were not in the trash.
  • Uninstall apps, including user apps and system apps.
  • You can erase deleted data to protect your privacy.
  • Preview images, videos, audio and archives before they are recovered.
  • Sort and search recovered files.
  • No network connection, safe and easy to use.
  • No need to root your phone, if your phone has been rooted, you can enjoy a better experience.

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6. EaseUS MobiSaver – Recover Files , SMS & Contacts

EaseUS MobiSaver - Recover Files , SMS & Contacts
• The easiest Android data recovery app – EaseUS MobiSaver, is your best bet for retrieving deleted photos, pictures, images, videos, text messages, WhatsApp conversations and even frequent contacts & call logs from both the phone’s internal memory and external microSD card.
• Supported photo formats: JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF/TIFF.
• Supported video formats: MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV.
• Android not root – the app will perform a quick scan for your deleted files by searching cache and thumbnails.
• Android rooted – the app will search your device memory deeply for every missing photo and video.
For more information, please visit: Official Site
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