10 Best Operating Systems For Ethical Hacking And Penetration Testing

In this article, Top 10 best operating systems used for ethical hacking and penetration testing.
All of them are free, open source and based on the Linux kernel and are bundled with many hacking tools.
Hacking can also be a legal activity when it is used to discover back doors and weaknesses in computer systems or networks in order to patch them. This is called ethical hacking.

1. Kali Linux

Kali Linux is an advanced penetration testing tool that is the most popular operating
System preferred by hackers, it is a part of every security professional’s toolbox.
Kali Linux maintained and funded by Offensive Security as the rewrite of Backtrack.
This is free and open source operating system.
This Debian-based Operation System comes with 600+ preinstalled pen testing tools that make your security toolbox fabulous.
Key features:

  • Bundled with more than 600 penetration testing tools as compared to Backtrack OS.
  • Completely free and open source and committed to GitHub, with the source code of each package being available.
  • Kali Linux is FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) compliant to locate binaries, and support files and libraries.
  • Kali Linux offers a custom kernel for customised coding and patching up the latest updates.
  • Every package in it is GPG signed and, hence, committed to high quality standards by developers.
  • ARMEL and ARMHF support allows Kali Linux to be installed on various other devices like Pi, Odroid, Chromebook, etc.

More Details and Download-:  https://www.kali.org

2. Backtrack

BackTrack Linux is a fine example of a specialized Linux distribution. Its only purpose is to test your network, devices, and systems for security vulnerabilities.
BackTrack is packed with every security and hacker tool used by security professionals and professional hackers. 
It is the largest collection of wireless hacking, server exploiting, web application assessing, social-engineering tools available in a single Linux distribution. If you’re looking for all of the tools in one place, this is a best choice for you.
Key Features:

  • Information gathering
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Exploitation tools
  • Privilege escalation
  • Maintaining access
  • Reverse engineering
  • Stress testing
  • Forensics
  • Reporting tools
  • Services
  • Miscellaneous

More Details and Download-:  https://www.backtrack-linux.org

3. BackBox Linux

BackBox is a Linux distribution on Ubuntu-based operating system with its has been developed to perform penetration testing and security assessments.
That is designed to be fast and easy to use and provide favourite Linux distro with a complete desktop environment.
Its owner software repositories are regularly updated with the most stable version of the most used and best know ethical hacking tools always.
Key features:

  • BackBox Linux is one of the first platforms supporting the cloud for penetration testing.
  • It is fully automated and non-intrusive, with no agents or network configuration changes required to achieve regular automated configuration backups.
  • Saves time and eliminates the requirement of tracking individual network devices.
  • With support of the XFCE desktop, BackBox is regarded as fast in operations and suitable even for old configuration systems.
  • Completely hacker friendly due to the support it receives for creating its own Launchpad PPA and sending the package to developers who, in turn, contribute instantly to BackBox Linux.

More Details and Download-:  https://backbox.org

4. Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security is an operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux mixed with Kali Linux and Frozen box OS to developed by the Frozen box Dev Team.
This cloud-friendly Linux distribution is designed for the best penetration testing,
computer forensics, ethical hacking, cryptography and fully security testing.
Key features:

  • Equipped with the highly customisable kernel version 4.5, it is currently under rolling release upgrade line and based on Debian 9.
  • Has custom anti-forensic tools, interfaces for GPG, Cryptsetup, and support for LUKS, Truecrypt and VeraCrypt.
  • It supports FALCON 1.0 programming language, multiple compilers, debuggers and the Qt5 and .NET/mono frameworks.
  • Supports Anonsurf including anonymisation of the entire OS, TOR, I2P anonymous networks and beyond.
  • A special edition of Parrot Cloud, designed for servers, comprises lightweight Parrot OS distributions without graphics, wireless and forensics tools, and acts as a VPS or dedicated server with only useful security tools.

More Details and Download-:  https://www.parrotsec.org

5. Samurai web Testing Framework

Samurai Web Testing Framework primarily focuses on testing the security of Web applications and comprises lots of Web assessment and exploitation tools.
It is a live Linux environment that has been pre-configured to function as a web pen-testing environment.
The Samurai Web Testing Framework holds multiple free and open source hacking tools that are very useful for detecting vulnerabilities or loopholes in website.
Key features:

  • Contains many tools for reconnaissance, mapping, discovery and exploitation, especially focusing on Web penetration testing.
  • Equipped with SVN to provide updated security tools, and syncs with active development tools.

More Details and download-:  https://sourceforge.net/projects/samurai/files

6. DEFT Linux

DEFT stands for Digital Evidence and Forensic Toolkit.
It is based on Ubuntu and built customization with a collection of computer many popular forensic tools and documents that can be used by ethical hackers, penetration testers, IT security specialists, and other individuals, teams and companies.
Key features:

  • It is based on the Lubuntu distribution comprising open source digital forensics and penetration testing tools.
  • Full support for Bitlocker encrypted disks, Android and iOS 7.1 logical acquisitions.
  • Consists of Digital Forensics Framework 1.3.

More Details and Download-:  http://www.deftlinux.net

7. BlackArch Linux

BlackArch is an Arch Linux-based security ethical hacking operating, which consists of more than 1600 tools and is regarded as the first choice distribution among security researchers to do Web and applications based security testing.
BlackArch is basically a lightweight extension to Arch Linux for security researchers.
Key features:

  • GUI interface is powered by Fluxbox and includes i3, WMii, Spectrwm, Awesome, dwm and Openbox window managers.
  • Has modular package groups.
  • Installation can be performed from source.

More Details and download-:  https://blackarch.org/downloads.html

8. GnackTrack

GnackTrack is an open and free project to merge penetration testing tools and the Linux Gnome desktop.
GnackTrack is a Live Linux distribution designed for Penetration Testing and is based on Ubuntu.
GnackTrack comes with multiple tools that are really helpful for effective penetration testing, it has Metasploit, Armitage, W3AF and others wonderful tools.
Key features:

  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms for installation and running live OSs.
  • Standard boot menu for booting up live DVD OS.
  • Inspired by Backtrack and the most useful choice for starters to learn and research penetration testing.

More Details and download-:  http://www.gnacktrack.co.uk/download.php

9. Pentoo Linux

Pentoo is a Live CD and Live USB designed for penetration testing and security assessment based on Gentoo Linux, Pentoo is provided both as 32 and 64-bit installable live cd.
You can also use Pentoo on top of an existing Gentoo Linux installation.
This excellent hacking operating system comes with a wide variety of tools that fall under categories like Exploit, Cracker, Database, Scanner etc.
Key Features:

  • Available as Live CD/USB image.
  • Useful in penetration testing.
  • Built on hardened Linux, i.e., Kernel hardened with extra patches.
  • Full Disk encryption available when installed on Hard Disk Drive.
  • Default User Interface is XFCE.
  • Package Manager is Portage
  • Up­date using Emerge

More Details and download-:  http://www.pentoo.ch/download

10. ArchStrike Linux

ArchStrike is a great Linux distribution for ethical hacking purposes. It’s a penetration testing and security layer on top of the popular Arch Strike Linux distro.
ArchStrike provides a live desktop environment based on the Openbox window manager along with an extra repository of security software of 32-bit and 64-bit builds.
This ethical hacking operating system follows the Arch Linux philosophy very closely.
Key features:

  • Exploit
  • Malware
  • Spoofing/Sniffing
  • DDoS
  • Social Engineering
  • Enumeration
  • Networking
  • Forensics
  • Brute Force

More Details and download-:  https://archstrike.org

Please Note:
The Dangers of Hacking…

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Types of hacking articles, hacking tools, work can help you to find out any type of weaknesses in your network or computer for testing purpose only should not be used against anyone. This kind of activity is illegal in almost all the countries so using it to launch for attacks can land you in jail.

We hope that this list was helpful in some way and improvement your knowledge that you have been able to learn a thing.

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